Great Culinary Temptations Found in Halkidiki for You to Try Out
Greece is one of the countries with rich tradition in culinary journeys. Every tourist gets stunned by the remarkable diversity of flavours and aromas that you can find in local cuisines all over the country. Macedonia and especially Halkidiki can pride itself in a wide variety of distinctive specialties. Based on the wealth of fresh ingredients cultivated in the area, there are numerous different dishes that will steal your heart and make you a fan of Greek cuisine. Feel free to start your culinary exploration, ordering some of the most intriguing and mouth-watering dishes available at local taverns and restaurants.
One of the most iconic dishes that you can find all over Halkidiki is in fact lentils with octopus and rice. This amazing combination results in the ultimate explosion of flavour in your mouth, even though you might be reluctant to try it out at first. Stuffed squids are also amazingly tasty and tender, as they melt in your mouth and fill you with splendid aromas and flavours. Boiled goat with lemon is another simple and yet explosive selection, either as a main course or as a splendid appetizer. Of course, seafood and fish can be found abundantly and of the truly finest quality and so you ought to order and savour such dishes.
As for desserts, you should experiment with spoon sweets combined with traditional yoghurt. However, you will be amazed at trying out ryzogalo, meaning rice pudding, topped with cinnamon. It is a great delicacy, as well as local ice cream and other desserts dipped in honey and nuts. You will find a lot of traditional pies and you will be lost for words with every single bite!
In short, Halkidiki is definitely the place where you are certain to try out some sublime and at the same time mouth-watering specialties. So, make sure that you relish as many different flavours and tastes as you can during your holidays in Greece!
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